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About Us

Abacus MAP meaning Abacus Mental Arithmetic Programme, was developed in the UK by leading UK Abacus Experts, with long term experience in Abacus and mainstream teaching. Abacus Map is the only course of its kind to be integrated with the UK National Curriculum, introducing concepts such as process in mathematics, number, measures, shapes, space and date handling. Our leading UK Abacus experts have designed a Programme that is supplementary and well as complimentary to the UK National Curriculum that promotes a holistic approach to teaching.

We are innovative in our field and constantly strive to provide new and improved methods of teaching and all our course instructors are rigorously trained by our Abacus experts to deliver the most efficient teaching. Our instructors are positive and encouraging individuals who set specific, challenging goals for our pupils through careful planning and systematic assessment and feed back. We place great emphasis on the significance of a good rapport between instructors, parents and pupils for the development of the pupil. Our ultimate aim is to ensure through our careful nurturing, all our students reach their full potentials.